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Deck Staining Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Deck Staining

Deck staining Corpus Christi is best handled by the professionals at Corpus Christi Deck Pros. We make sure that you protect your investment through deck staining.

Protect your investment

Whether our deck building professionals built your deck, or it is an existing deck, our crew will apply stain. When we stain your decking structures, we are 100% confident that what you paid for will stand the test of time. It’s not enough that we only use the highest quality raw materials for the project. Use of the highest quality staining products is essential to give your deck a long life. The hot and humid Corpus Christi weather can affect the longevity of your deck if stain is not correctly applied. Year in and year out, the deck that we build for you will take a beating from rain and the relentless sun that the state of Texas is known for. Staining ensures that your outdoor structures can withstand all the elements. Perhaps, adding a decade or more in your decking life expectancy.

Deck Staining

A deck stain is similar to a sealer when it comes to providing weather protection. However, it goes deeper by enhancing the appearance of the wood. Deck stains double up as deck sealers that tint or tone the material in question. These stains are usually semi-transparent, but the tinting can always be adjusted to fit your exact specifications. Additionally, our deck stains protect the wood from moisture, rot, mold, and the test of time. Deck staining has a color pigment or tint added that prevents wood from graying due to solar exposure. A deck stain may be similar to a deck sealer, but it works harder to protect the wood. The stain will protect wooden surfaces through penetration. When we stain your deck, the tint is absorbed into the upper layers of the wood, providing a weatherproof barrier that’s impervious to the elements.

Aside from the life-extending prowess of using deck staining products, we can also help spare your deck from a gray, rustic look that happens inevitably to unprotected wood. Sealing just isn’t enough. Based on our experience in Corpus Christi TX, it just doesn’t cut it. Without staining, your decking will begin to look weathered and worn.

Deck Tinting

Along with our deck staining services, you will also have the choice to enhance the tone or the natural color of the wood. We have a tint for just about any application. We would love to show you how we can make the wood finish look more brown, red or whatever you prefer. At the same time, your decking from us at Corpus Christi Deck Pros will be safe from insect, mold or mildew infestation for its entire lifetime. Ask us about our maintenance plan so we can show you the different inspection procedures that we undertake on a yearly basis to ensure that your deck lives up to its looks. There’s nothing more frustrating in seeing your dream deck come to life, only to find it getting cracked or ridden with holes or worse, overcome by termites.


Like you and your loved ones, we’re happy to live in a sunny, beautiful place. However, it is important to protect the wood in our outdoor structures from the elements. That’s why we at Corpus Christi Deck Pros are the first to advise you about the importance of deck staining.  Call us today at 361-317-7361. Whether we have built your decking, patio, arbor, pool deck, or pergola scratch or not, we’ll be happy to help you with staining those structures. Don’t wait until it’s too late. There’s never a better time to contact us than now!